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Volunteer Reward Program

Volunteer Information

Peninsula Power FC is one of the largest Football Clubs in Brisbane.  In 2015 we had about 800 players.  Running a club of this size takes quite some effort and we rely upon the generosity of volunteers at all levels of the club in giving their time.  Sadly, we are always short of volunteers and there are a number of jobs that need doing that are not done as effectively as we would like through personnel shortages.  Some roles don't actually take much, yet we cannot seem to fill them.


The lack of volunteers is always an ongoing concern, and it has been especially obvious that a change is required. Commencing in 2016, the Community (then Junior) Football Division Committee decided to introduce a "Volunteer Reward Program” to impress upon players' families the urgent need to have volunteer assistance to successfully operate the functions of the club. Those that participate in a range of voluntary roles will benefit from this program. This also allows those whom are time poor to forgo their Levy in the knowledge that the money can be used to pay for services not covered by volunteers.

New Volunteer Levy Affiliation System 

  1. Will provide members with an opportunity to ‘Reduce the Cost of Fees’
  2. Accountable: parents and players will now be able to see where their fee is going. 

Management Practices 

  1. The Volunteer Reward Program – now will see members contribute financially to recognising and rewarding our valued volunteers.  Simply, if you volunteer you will remove the new volunteer pass and at the same time you can receive even further reductions in your club fee relative to the time committed.  For those who don’t want to or cannot volunteer then you can do this guilt free by purchasing the new family volunteer pass.

    For those members who want to reduce their fees but are unable to apply for the relevant roles, we have provided other opportunities for members to reduce your fees: if you volunteer in any of our income streams such as canteen, social events, fundraising, sponsorship then you will be offered $10 (capped at the value of the volunteer pass) for every hour of service provided.  Coaches and Managers will earn a full refund.
  2. ‘Removing the fear’ of volunteering:  We are fully committed to providing our volunteers with the information and training they need to enjoy the experience, but most importantly we value your time and we will not waste it. So be assured if you commit to volunteering in our club it will not be ‘for life’ and it will be truly appreciated.

Volunteer Applications Timeframes

  1. ‘JFD Committee Members’ will be called for in September to November of each year and will be selected at their AGMs.

  2. Other Key Operational Positions will be called for in January.

  3. Team/General Volunteers’ will be opened with season sign-on.

The Refund Process When You Volunteer

Since registration and fees will be managed through our web site, every player will have the Volunteer Pass built into their fee paid online.

Volunteer Rebate

Refunds will be processed as follows:
Each family will receive a Volunteer Passport upon request—this is to be filled in by the relevant authority every time you complete a job. Once requirement is reached this will then need to be completed and handed in to the Volunteer Pass Co-ordinator who will confirm your eligibility and forward to the Club treasurer for refund to be made.

The club will rebate volunteers twice within the season into the volunteers nominated bank account or in cash where suitable.

Sponsorship Rebate

Once the sponsorship agreement has been finalised and the funds have been deposited in the Club’s account your rebate will be forwarded to your nominated bank account.




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